Michael Erisman Joins the Board of Leadr

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Feb 19, 2021 7:07:46 PM

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I first met Chris Heaslip and his co-founder Eliot several years ago when they approached me about joining Pushpay. The vision they shared with me on giving and helping others through technology was so powerful and compelling that I eventually joined Pushpay as the Chief People Officer. I was inspired by the mission, and the idea that we could be passionate about helping others and build a great technology business. The concept that we can use technology to enable generosity has led to literally billions of dollars being used to help communities across the globe. To take an idea from a vision to reality requires a special level of both inspiration and execution, and Chris exemplifies this balance.

When Chris left Pushpay to start Leadr, he and Matt Tresidder called me up to show me a demo of the Leadr product. I have been in the HR space for almost 25 years, running and leading HR functions around the world. I honestly get pitched on HR products 24/7 via LinkedIn and other sources. It’s a crowded market. So, when I took the call, I was skeptical.

What I saw blew me away. You know that spark you get when you see something that you know will actually work? When you realize that you are looking at a product that you have always needed and will change how people see the world?

Within minutes – literally – I was enthusiastically firing questions at them both and asking how quickly we could get this to market. While I knew the target audience initially was churches, my response was that this is a game changer for everyone who leads and manages others and needed to be available as broadly as possible, as soon as possible.

It’s one of those rare products where my first reaction was – when can I have this myself?

The reality that we often struggle to lead others has been the centerpiece for my career spanning across decades, cultures, industries, and tens of thousands of people. My role in HR is often to help navigate, mitigate and optimize challenges that arise from poor leadership.

The fundamental core belief that all people are valuable – as individuals – that vast untapped potential exists within our teams, and it’s our role as leaders to engage, coach, and develop others – to listen, provide them a clear voice in the processes, systems, and products they work on – has been the defining philosophy for me.

Leadr’s product literally helps managers do exactly that. Great leadership impacts not just the targeted work product but changes people in a profound and meaningful way, in their careers, and at home. So, to see a tool that has the potential for that kind of impact is one that is easy to quickly want to help deliver.

This goal of helping a million leaders be more effective is a daunting one. It is a vision and mission to fully embrace and will require a lot of effort to get there. A great product can only happen with a great team. My relationships with Chris, Matt, Troy, and Dan via Pushpay were the starting point, and once I started meeting the rest of the team and the Board, I have every confidence that this team can make amazing things happen. I am honored to be part of this journey.

When we think about helping a million (and more) leaders truly be effective, engage their people, create the kinds of cultures where people can thrive, contribute, and grow, it’s one that is worth all the investment of time and resources.

My passion is helping people develop and grow, and with Leadr we have a unique tool that can deliver on that promise. I can’t wait to share this with everyone.

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