Bad at Feedback? Here's What They don't Teach in Leadership School

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Feb 7, 2023 8:01:00 AM

Take a minute and think about the best compliment that you ever received.

If I had to guess, that compliment was specific, sincere, and delivered in a way that was comfortable for you.

Just like those words had an impact on you, your recognition has an influence on your employees.

A survey by the Harvard Business Review found that leaders who were rated in the 10% for providing recognition had employees who were in the 69th percentile for engagement. Those employees were also more confident of being treated fairly, felt that they were kept better informed, and were much less likely to quit. 

Employee recognition is a critical leadership skill. But there are many leaders who fail to give effective recognition (to be fair, they skip this lesson in leadership school).

Here are 3 tips to help you become a master at feedback:

Improve Feedback Substance

“Good job” is a sentiment that frequently shows up when leaders try to recognize their employees, but this often-used phrase lacks the specificity that will give it any lasting impact. When you want to recognize an employee, be sure to describe a specific event or action and the impact that it had on their team, organization, or clients. This shows that you have been paying attention and recognize the impact of their contributions.

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Improve Feedback Delivery

How you choose to share your appreciation is crucial. Some people thrive when they are the center of attention. Others would rather hide under a rock than be singled out in public. It is important to know your employees and the method of delivery that is most meaningful to them. Some may enjoy a shoutout during a staff meeting. Others will appreciate a note or card that they can read and process on their own. 

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Set Recognition Goals

Despite what you may think, it is difficult to give too much recognition. If you find yourself resisting the practice, set a goal to identify and show appreciation for one person each day. Think about who went above and beyond or who did more than expected. Then, give recognition to the person that comes to mind. The timeliness of the recognition will make it even more impactful.

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