Do you struggle with delegation?

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Jan 19, 2024 12:54:02 PM

In order to lead your team, you need to know your team.

How often in leadership do we rush into the week, ready to knock out our to-do list and issue directives first thing Monday morning?

What if instead, we asked, "How can I equip my team to do their jobs well?"

How could you free up your time by shifting from doing it all to delegating and equipping?

1. Learn what makes your team tick - At Leadr, we use the Working Genius assessment to uncover where we each thrive. Knowing which of your team members is driven by invention or tenacity can inform smarter delegation.

2. Have a growth goal for every team member - This can be reading a book, shadowing a meeting, or a full-blown passion project. No matter the scope, letting people grow in the areas they choose is powerful for morale and productivity. Win-win.

3. Offer personalized feedback - You wouldn't give the same feedback to someone looking to excel as software engineering as you would an aspiring CEO. So as you coach your team, consider their unique goals, strengths, and areas of growth to become their greatest coach.

These tips ensure 3 things (at least).

1. Your team is working more and more in their sweet spot.

2. Every team member is growing in capacity and experience.

3. Your time is freed up to do the work only you can do.

Sounds pretty nice huh?

Here's what it looks like to keep each team member's individual insights (like their Working Genius) front-of-mind at all times using Leadr.

How can you use the tools you have to better understand and develop your team for greater outcomes?

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