How To Measure Employee Engagement

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Jun 16, 2022 2:47:22 PM

According to Gallup, 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. We know that solving this issue lies in the manager/direct report relationship because Gallup also tells us that 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.

So, we know that a strong manager to direct report relationships is key to solving for employee engagement, but the question that still remains is - how is that stat derived? In other words - How is employee engagement measured? 

Measuring employee engagement offers output, not just input

Because a goal like engagement is so tough to pinpoint, we tend to hang our hat on input measurements like how often a team member engages in Slack Channels, attends organizational events, or speaks up in meetings. But this doesn’t tell us how a team member actually feels about the organization, their team, or their role. We need a way to measure not these activities themselves, but to measure the results of those activities: output.

There are numerous tools in the marketplace to measure employee engagement through surveys. But what’s missing from these solutions is access to practical next steps. While the internet is inundated with leadership development tips, articles, and ideas. What's missing isn't more information - its application and follow through. Until now.

Measuring employee engagement is easy with the right tools

Leadr Insights, our news tool in the Leadr Suite, helps you measure your team’s engagement, track trends over time, and get practical action steps on how to improve in three areas.

Research tells us that the strongest teams share three primary characteristics: rapport, maximization, and clarity, which is why Leadr Insights is built to directly measure each of these areas.

  • Clarity - Do you know what’s required of you to be winning in your role?
  • Maximization - Do you have the resources you need to perform at your best in your role?
  • Rapport - Do you feel connected to your organization’s mission and goals?

Understanding where your organization stands in each of these areas is critical to creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Gallup tells us that an actively disengaged employee costs their organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary, or 34 percent.

In other words, 30% of salary is wasted by employee disengagement. 

When disengagement is impacting your bottom line that much, solving the problem becomes mission critical.

Measure Engagement Over Time

The best part? Most surveys in the marketplace are a one-time snapshot of employee engagement. Leadr Insights captures data over time so leaders can see how engagement is trending from month-to-month. 

Rather than waiting an entire year and having no way to pinpoint which efforts created engagement results, watch how your team’s workplace experience changes as you act on their feedback in real time. 

You can easily see as your team grows or experiences turnover, as you implement changes to your culture, or try new things as a team, how your engagement tracks, so you know exactly what changes are working.

Leadr Insights even gives you the exact questions that you can send to your entire team with the click of a button so you don’t have to spend hours researching the best questions or building out surveys.

Receive Customized Data For Every Team

Seeing that there is a culture problem but not sure if it’s isolated to a certain team or leader?Leadr Insights breaks down your survey results by team, so you can understand which areas of your organization are thriving and where there is some cultural overhaul to do. 

You’ll have the ability to dive into the weeds of why certain teams are less engaged than others through data like the number of 1:1 meetings each team member has. Take the guesswork out of understanding where you have room to improve by seeing real-time data that will improve as you commit to improving your workplace culture.

Get Applicable Tips For Improving Employee Engagement

As you review your employee engagement survey results, it can often leave you wondering “what now?” I see the gaps, but how do I fix them?

With Leadr Insights, you’ll receive practical steps on how to improve based on your scores for Rapport, Clarity, Maximization, and eNPS.

Where do you think your organization would land if you were able to measure your company's engagement rate?

Want to find out?

Our team at Leadr has put together a list of research backed questions you can use with your team to measure employee engagement. You can download it for free here. To help even more, check out this blog article outline how to best implement these questions with your team.

If you're ready to start measuring employee engagement at your organization, we'd love to show you a demo of Leadr Insights in action. Request a demo here.

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