Leadr Shines Bright in G2 Winter Rankings

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Dec 18, 2023 2:41:33 PM

Leadr proudly stepped into the realm of G2 accolades back in the Spring of 2023 when our valued customers rallied on G2, sharing their remarkable experiences.

Today, riding on the wave of these resounding customer reviews, G2 has bestowed upon Leadr an impressive collection of 8 prestigious badges spanning 4 diverse categories for the Winter 2023 season.

G2 stands tall as the largest and most reliable software marketplace, attracting over 80 million individuals annually, including professionals from every Fortune 500 company. These discerning users turn to G2 for making savvy software decisions founded on genuine peer reviews.

G2 badges are a symbol of excellence and customer satisfaction. G2 badges are awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, which is what makes these awards so prestigious. Trust badges are important for businesses to demonstrate the reliability of their products and services to their customers.

PerformanceManagement_HighPerformer_Small-Business_Americas_HighPerformer-1 EmployeeEngagement_HighPerformer_HighPerformer-2EmployeeEngagement_HighPerformer_Americas_HighPerformerEmployeeEngagement_HighPerformer_Small-Business_HighPerformer-1

Leadr has been awarded High Performer rankings, the second-highest G2 ranking, for having high customer satisfaction scores for:

  • Performance Management Software
  • Small Business Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement Software
  • Employee Engagement Software for Small Business 

Leadr was also recognized for each of these categories in the Americas segment.

Leadr customer reviews also gave Leadr a #3 ranking for 1:1 Meetings and #4 ranking for Employee Engagement Dashboards, Historical Data, and Requesting Feedback compared to all other similar platforms in the market.

These badges validate the ROI that Leadr customers experience from utilizing the software.

As one Leadr customer shared on G2, "Every team and organization has a need for central cohesive communication and written communication for building culture, workflows and meetings. But yet so often we rely on individual talent to personally track or create this in teams creating silos and losing time because of communication breakdown. Leadr solves these problems easily creating a system and structure easy to use that the entire organizational structure can use! I love it! Game Changer for us!!"

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