40 Simple Ways To Thank Your Staff This Thanksgiving

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Nov 19, 2021 5:20:00 AM

This year more than ever, we’re seeing exhaustion and burnout plague our staff members. That’s why this is the most important time for you to thank your team for their hard work and provide them with a bit of encouragement as we enter the holiday season. Healthy and motivated teams are created through intentional leadership. 

That’s why we’ve put together 40 simple ways to offer thanks to the people you interact with most in your life - your team. Try a few out and tell us how it goes. 

  1. Deliver a hand-written thank you letter

  2. Buy $5 Starbucks gift cards or send staff a few dollars over Venmo for coffee 

  3. Allow your team to take a few hours off that week to prepare for the holiday (or indulge in much-needed rest)

  4. Go to the dollar store and buy each of your team members their favorite snack or drink (you can find staff favorites on your team member’s Care Card inside Leadr. Not a Leadr customer? Request a demo to see how features like the care card can benefit your team.)

  5. Order in a meal for your staff one day this week

  6. Point out a job well-done as you see it

  7. Acknowledge an admirable trait about each of your staff members

  8. Help out with random acts of kindness that are needed around the office

  9. When you want to complain, share something you’re thankful for instead 

  10. Cook or bake a treat for the office

  11. Allow your team to give back to the community through a food or clothing drive

  12. Offer a team-wide Wellness Day to use before the end of the year

  13. Take action - look for ways your team needs help that week, and jump in

  14. Have a raffle for staff to win small prizes throughout the week

  15. Announce end-of-year bonuses this week (these conversations are better to have 1:1)

  16. Host a Thanksgiving potluck and end the day early

  17. Bring in a massage therapist for the day to offer 15-min chair massages 

  18. Send a small gift home for spouses and/or children

  19. Allow outdoor meetings all week - a little fresh air will be good for morale and creativity

  20. Get the team together to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions - you’ll be surprised how much you learn about one another!

  21. Organize and announce a Secret Santa for the month of December as something to look forward to

  22. Give team members a gift card to your local grocery store to buy a turkey or ham

  23. Have a drawing for one leader to do something silly the day before break, such as wear a turkey costume all day, bob for apples, or have a pie in the face

  24. Write people a recommendation on LinkedIn

  25. Open up your calendar to offer 1:1 meetings to specifically discuss growth and development opportunities to refocus before break

  26. Offer to buy each person a book that will help them reach a goal before the end of the year

  27. Offer a kind gesture to one staff member once a day

  28. Leave sticky notes on each person’s desk naming something you admire about them

  29. Stock up the kitchen with festive snacks or drinks

  30. Hand out company swag

  31. Have a bring your kids/family to work day. With many students off the week of Thanksgiving, allow people to bring their home life to work

  32. Hire an ice cream or snow cone truck to come for lunch

  33. Hold contests throughout the week for prizes. Think trivia, games, or easy indoor activities

  34. Make a point to smile at everyone all week

  35. Bring in a carafe of coffee from a local shop

  36. Ask people about their holiday plans and invite them to yours if they don’t have any

  37. Offer to buy a Thanksgiving meal for a team member who has family members far away

  38. Have a voluntary community project day to allow your team to serve together

  39. Announce a holiday party for after Thanksgiving to give people something to look forward to

  40. Just say “thank you.”

We hope this helps you find ways to share your appreciation for your team in the midst of the busyness this Thanksgiving week. 

Comment and let us know what we missed on our list. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Leadr Team. Lead on.

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