3 Easy Ways To Prioritize Your People

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Jul 18, 2022 9:48:00 AM

If developing your people is a priority that seems to fall through the cracks in the busyness of the year, you’re not alone. The middle of the year, prepping for a possible summer slowdown, might be the first time that you have had an opportunity to revisit your goals since they were set earlier in the year. 

Here’s how you can put your team’s growth and care back into the rhythms of your busy week as you reprioritize for the second half of the year.

Set New Goals & Review Them Often

If you’re anything like us here at Leadr, your organization moves fast. The goals you set 6 months ago are likely now irrelevant, have been checked off, or took the back burner. Sometimes it's better to just hit the restart button.

Resetting goals more than once a year gives you a chance to craft goals that are meaningful and attainable for you and your team. To help your team stay accountable to your goals, follow these 3 tips:

1. Ensure each goal aligns with your organization’s mission and KPIs for the current term. If they don’t, are you really benefiting the organization?

2. Set new goals collaboratively with each of your team members. Think about how each individual’s responsibilities and strengths fit into the larger mission of your organization. Also, consider how you can help them to achieve their professional goals.

3. Once goals have been set, revisit them frequently. If you use your one-on-one meetings to review your goals, that means that you will be revisiting them at least bi-weekly. You may find that you need to be flexible with your goals and revise them as you are working through them. Spend time reflecting on the lessons that have been learned from completed goals. 


Hold a Mid-Year Check-In

The traditional annual performance review is not enough to help people do their job effectively throughout the year. One way to develop leaders in your organization is to hold a mid-year check-in.

Even though these conversations should already be happening in your 1:1 meetings multiple times a month, it’s good to create a more intentional space to realign on major goals, track progress, and open up conversation around new leadership development goals.

These check-ins should be a two-way conversation. Ask your team members to collaborate on the agenda ahead of time. Asking for their collaboration communicates that you are giving your team a voice, which is an essential attribute of effective people development.

Revamp Your Performance Reviews

Implement a Leadership Development Program

If you’re ready to commit to people development on a deeper level, consider starting a leadership development program at your organization.

Download our free ebook that walks you through the process of building a customized program that engages and grows team members at every level of your organization.

Your Guide TO Building A Comprehensive Leadership Development Program

As you consider what it looks like to develop people during the busyness of the year, ask yourself, how am I keeping people development front-of-mind at all times? Are you equipping your staff with the experience and resources that they need to grow? What steps will you take to invest in your team and develop leaders at every level of your organization?

Leadr’s people development software makes it easy to set and track goals, share learning opportunities with your team, give and receive feedback, and understand your team on a deeper level. No matter how busy your schedule is, your people come first. Leadr provides the framework you need to implement your people development efforts in one easy platform. Request a demo to see Leadr in action here.

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