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Jul 21, 2022 12:41:34 PM

Processes like onboarding, open enrollment, and compliance changes can be overwhelming and tedious with countless new information packets, trainings, learnings, and documents to send, track, and store. Not only is organizing all of this material chaotic, it’s also not a great use of your time.

Imagine if, for example, you could wrap all of your onboarding materials into one online file and share it with the click of a button? Sound too good to be true? Not anymore. 

Introducing Learning Playlists.

Whether it’s benefits or onboarding documentation, new policy information, leadership trainings, or general learnings, Leadr’s Learning Playlists makes it quick to check off the to-do list.

What is a Learning Playlist and How Does it Help?

A Learning Playlist mimics a Learning Management System (LMS) - one place to store and track all of your documents, completion progress, and follow up. So what are they good for?

Playlists Save You Time - A learning playlist allows you to select every learning video, compliance training, or document, and send everything to your entire team in one step. No more time spent bouncing between tabs to collect documents, creating individual emails, manually tracking your team's progress and checking in when tasks are overdue. 

With a Playlist, you can connect all the dots for yourself and your team, reducing confusion and time spent across the board. Rather than reissuing documents one by one when things change, you can re-upload the necessary updates just once and have the notice sent to your entire team with little effort.

Playlists Save You Money - On top of wasted time, Business Wire reports that poor integration costs organizations half a million dollars every year. Adopting another software can feel like a huge hurdle with so many other priorities on your plate. What if you could have your Playlist on the same platform as all of your other people-focused priorities rather than adding yet another system to keep up with? 

That’s what Leadr’s Learning Playlist has to offer. Check out the details here.

Playlists Increase Connection - With a Learning Playlist, you can include questions, topics for thought, or feedback requests alongside your learning or documentation. The ability to interact with your team members and provide call to action within the Playlist allows you to focus on the “why” of each process, rather than just checking a box.

This is also beneficial for using Playlists as a leadership development tool. Instead of sending over one video at a time, making more work for yourself, build playlists for specific areas of development like Leadership, Communication, or specific job skills. Assign the entire Playlist at one time with questions pertaining to each video for enhanced growth and development opportunities. 

How Does a Learning Playlist Work?

A playlist allows you to take content already inside your learning platform, content you upload or link from an outside source, or even content suggested by your Learning System to build your own custom folder of materials.

Here’s a quick video of how Playlists work within Leadr.

Leadr’s Learning Playlists

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline these onboarding to-dos can save you time in each step of the process. However, most LMS platforms won’t integrate with your other software, adding a different kind of work to your load. 

That’s why Leadr has an entire section dedicated to Learning within our software. And now, you can simplify your once-tedious processes even more with our newest addition to the learning module: Playlists.

Using Leadr as your platform of choice for all things people development, from Onboarding to Exit Interviews, allows you to store all documentation and data in one place. No more clicking between tabs and apps to get one simple task done.

We’re hearing from customers that they are using Playlists for onboarding, compliance checks, open enrollment, and general learning and development. 

What could your team use it for? Share with us in the comments.

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