Is a Daily Standup Meeting Worth Your Time?

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Jul 25, 2022 3:14:00 PM
A daily team standup meeting can be an effective way to get connected and align as a team at the start of each day. Before you think to yourself, “great another meeting,” let’s check out a few ways to incorporate morning stand ups into your routine that might work for your team to maximize productivity and make a meaningful touchpoint before jumping into your task frenzy each day.

A Touchpoint For Remote Teams

Daily standup meetings are a quick team huddle that takes 20 min or less, usually in the first few hours of the workday. These touch points are effective for hybrid or remote teams as a way for each team member to feel connected to the greater organization each day. 

For some teams, standups may just be a chance to see another face or ask their team questions before they kick off their day. Remote teams can use standups to discuss each person’s big priorities for the day, share a win from the previous day, or connect through a daily question that each team member answers. 

Some teams here at Leadr use these Conversation Cards as prompts for their daily standup. Get your copy here. 

Alignment For Task-Focused Teams - The Scrum Method

Daily standup meetings are used by many project-heavy teams like engineers or software developers. Often in these settings, a daily standup is called a scrum meeting, and is used for each team member to realign on priorities, share roadblocks, and discuss progress. 

Because these team’s outcomes drive organizational deadlines and releases, a morning huddle is critical to alignment, productivity, and timely delivery. 

A People-Focused Daily Standup

Make a standup meeting an opportunity to care for and engage your team members. Maybe your team discusses one highlight and one low point from the day before. Maybe you each share a goal for the day and the outcomes of the previous day’s goals. 

Mix Up The Meeting Topic Each Day

If you can see the benefit of each of type of standup, maybe your team focused on a different topic each day. Maybe Monday you use conversation cards, Tuesdays and Thursday you discuss projects, and Wednesdays and Fridays you focus on growth and development as a team.

While standups may not work for all teams, they are a great tool to stay connected and aligned before getting swept away by the tyranny of the urgent each day. 

Standup meetings are made even easier by using a people development software like Leadr to work within one, collaborative meeting agenda to add agenda items, look back at notes from old meetings, and track the progress of goals. However, unlike a project management tool, Leadr realizes that people want to be led and developed, not managed, so we designed our software to help you focus on keeping your people first. Because engaged employees lead to more effective outcomes. 

We’d love to show you a demo of how this can work within your organization. Request to see Leadr in action here.


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