Leadr Pulse | 5 questions that separate good leaders from great leaders

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Mar 21, 2023 7:36:42 AM

What separates good leaders from great leaders?


One way to be an intentional leader is learning to coach each person on your team based on their unique strengths, preferences, and goals.

How much more effective could you be as a leader if you asked these 5 questions to each of your direct reports?

1. What are your preferred modes of communication?

2. What demotivates you?

3. What motivates you?

4. How do you enjoy receiving recognition?

5. When/how are you most productive?

Imagine no more miscommunication due to having different styles.

No more accidentally committing your team's pet peeves.

No more questioning how to best approach a difficult conversation.

Sound like a dream?

Take the first step by sharing these 5 things about yourself first. When your team sees you making an intentional effort be vulnerable, it creates a foundation of trust for them to follow suit.

Keep these insights close by when you have 1:1 meetings, so you always remember the best way to communicate with each person.

If you use Leadr, you're already ahead of the game. The platform is built for you to have personality insights within each 1:1 meeting. 

If you aren't a Leadr user, get started by downloading this 1:1 meeting template and add a page at the top to jot down the responses to these 5 questions. As always, I'm here to talk if you're interested in touring the Leadr platform.

What other questions have you asked your team to make it easier for you to be an international leader?

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