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May 2, 2023 11:56:02 AM

Are you ready for a workforce revolution? It's happening right now, and the role of the middle manager is at the center of it all.

Gone are the days of being a mere middleman in the org chart. The digital age has empowered middle managers to focus on what really matters: people development.

But with this exciting shift comes a challenge - some managers may feel a bit uneasy about the change. But don't worry, I have some tips to help prepare your middle managers for the amazing work ahead.

1. First and foremost, remind them that new things take trial and error. Help them set new goals that clearly show what winning looks like with these new responsibilities.

2. Encourage managers to instate 1:1 meetings with their direct reports. 1:1 meetings are the root of building trust & a relationship with team members, and that's the root of people development. Here's a template to get started with intentional 1:1s.

3. Ask your middle managers if they're happy with their current position. Maybe someone who was great at being the middleman isn't so sure about being a people manager. Maybe they just need training. Either way, make a development plan for each manager based on their personal goals.

4. Once they have their own development plan, help your managers create personalized growth plans for each of their team members. It's a powerful way to help each person grow and achieve their full potential. Development? ✅

5. Equip your managers with this Manager's Toolkit. It's filled with six top-rated resources that offer practical, action-oriented steps for leading a team well, whether onboarding new hires or navigating difficult conversations.

How are you helping your middle managers embrace this new workforce revolution?

Ready, set, let's grow. 🏁

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