Gaining Traction with Leadr: Software to Help You Implement the EOS Framework

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May 13, 2022 3:10:20 PM

We’ve all had a good idea that for one reason or another never went anywhere. Maybe you didn’t know how to make the dream a reality. Maybe you didn’t have the tools or resources. Regardless of the reason, it can be demoralizing to watch another great idea get left behind.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a set of ideas and principles that help to optimize small to mid-sized businesses. These components, developed by Gino Wickman, are based on years of real-world implementation in thousands of businesses. The six core components are Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.

  1. Vision involves communicating your mission and goals in a way that gets everyone in your organization on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.
  2. People are necessary to achieve your vision. You need to ensure that your organization is filled with the right people, from top to bottom, all working towards the same goal.
  3. Data cuts through all of the thoughts and ideas to identify a few numbers that help you to determine how your organization is doing.
  4. Issues are the problems that your organization is facing. The process of identifying, planning for, and eliminating problems helps your organization to run smoothly.
  5. Process identifies the essential steps that create consistency and scalability in your organization.
  6. Traction relates your vision to the day-to-day operations and holds individuals accountable for fulfilling it.

But how do you make these principles a reality? Without the right tools, these principles remain good advice that will be left behind and forgotten. Leadr is the tool that complements EOS to help you execute these components so no good idea is left behind.

Vision & Traction

At Leadr, our vision is to create 1 million leaders across organizations in every field. We believe that this goal will help organizations like yours to flourish and achieve your vision. With Leadr, you have the tools that you need to begin instilling your vision into every level of your organization right from the beginning. Keep your vision top-of-mind by including it as a topic in weekly meetings or one-on-ones. Help your team to create goals that align with the vision. Assign action items that keep team members accountable for their responsibilities toward the vision. By using frequent one-on-one meetings, you have the opportunity to revisit the goals in your vision and examine how each person on your team is working to fulfill them on a weekly basis.

Goals & 1-1


We all say that people are our most important asset, but sometimes we struggle to figure out what that looks like. At Leadr, we believe that people want to be led and developed instead of managed. People deserve a distinct tool that is designed for them, to help them engage, grow, and really contribute to their team and your organization. Leadr allows you to create custom profiles for each member of your organization. These profiles have personality assessments and insights embedded into them to help you quickly identify the strengths of each individual.

Help get the right people into the right seats by creating growth plans with action items that will help you track their growth. When you take the time to identify the unique strengths and goals of each person in your organization, you can take your teams to a higher level of functionality and performance.

Dan Cogswell Care Card


When it comes to productivity and organizational health, engagement is one of the biggest contributing factors. Leadr has four metrics that it uses to measure engagement: coaching, goals, feedback, and activity. Each of these metrics can be seen at a glance for every member of your organization. Taking the time to examine these data points can help you to identify team members who are struggling or in need of extra support.

People Data Insights


Organizational health begins to suffer when issues are overlooked or remain unaddressed. When team members and managers meet consistently, the time and space is established for issues to be brought up and discussed. From the performance of an individual to problems with the organization as a whole, when the right questions are asked, solutions can begin to be developed. Feedback is an integral part of Leadr’s system. Leaders can create surveys and send out requests for feedback to individuals or teams.


Teams begin to function at a higher capacity when they understand how to fulfill their role. When the process is clearly communicated, independence increases, and the need to micromanage decreases. Create a library of instructional videos or websites and assign them to individuals through the Learning tab in the Leadr platform.


Leadr pairs perfectly with EOS. It takes all of the great principles of EOS and places them into one clear, accessible place for everybody within the organization. When everyone is able to see the process, it helps them to keep track of what is most important and what their part is inside of that. This creates a healthy environment where people are engaged and growing.

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