Dan Steinman Joins the Board of Leadr

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Feb 16, 2021 10:19:00 PM

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I’ve been a golfer for most of my life, starting around age 10. So I’ve always dreamed of being on the “leaderboard.” Now, after 50+ years of mostly mediocre golf, I’ve finally made it. I’m honored and excited to be on the Leadr board.

Apologies for the lame introduction, but I just couldn’t help myself. What’s life without some bad humor anyway, huh?

I really am honored and excited to join the board at Leadr. I’m a people person and relationships are what matter to me in life. So, no surprise, that was the basis for this decision.

I met Chris Heaslip four years ago when I was helping Troy Pollock (now co-board member with me at Leadr) with some customer success challenges when he was running post-sales at Pushpay. One thing led to another as I got to know Pushpay’s business and people, so when Chris asked me to join their board, I quickly said “yes”. And I’m glad I did.

Pushpay was an excellent company when I joined the board and is an even better company today a year after I stepped down. I’m proud of the work we did there and all the progress we made together. More importantly, I developed some lifetime friendships including Chris, Troy, and Matt Strelecki (co-founder at Leadr). It’s just human nature to want to work with great people again, especially after a successful run with them.

So joining the board at Leadr was kind of a no-brainer for me even though I knew little about the space or the product. Chris is just one of those guys you say “yes” to. If you don’t believe me, ask the other board members and co-founders at Leadr. I’m delighted to be working with Chris and Troy and Matt (Tresidder) and Matt (Strelecki) again. I’m also excited to work with two new friends who will sit on the board with me. Both are extremely accomplished and come with incredible experience for this journey. I truly look forward to working with you Peter Wooster and Michael Erisman.

And all of my excitement about the Leadr people got multiplied last week when I had the opportunity to dig into the company business plan and products as we kicked off what will undoubtedly be an amazing 2021. It’s so clear to me that the Leadr products will be extremely valuable in the execution and discipline of leadership development across all kinds of companies and levels of management. In my experience,

it all starts with doing effective one-on-ones, and most leaders I know would acknowledge that their own one-on-ones leave something to be desired. As a starting point, LEADR’s first product addresses this challenge head-on in a way that will bring immediate value to every organization out there.

And I could not be more thrilled to help guide Leadr in making good on their goal to help develop one million leaders. If, as the research indicates, even the most isolated person influences 10,000 others, think about the potential impact - 1M x 10K. Wow!

So thank you Chris and Matt for inviting me to join you in this incredible journey. We’ve got the right people and the right first product. Let’s keep executing and go change the world together! Now, off to work on my golf game.Demo Request CTA.png

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