Peter Wooster Joins the Board of Leadr

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Mar 4, 2021 5:01:31 PM

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As a former CRO will ten direct reports and a 350-person team, I had a number of HR-supplied tools.

I could do annual, semi-annual, and quarterly planning, 360 reviews, and compensation studies that were all integrated into our HRIS systems.

Yet, when it came to doing one-on-one meetings, I was left with a note pad and a pencil, or worse yet, I would show up not prepared and just “wing it.” I wasn’t giving any resources to my managers either.

So, when Matt Tresidder and Chris Heaslip told me about Leadr and the vision behind it, I said “sign me up.”

The idea of an easy to use tool to track and communicate the action items and milestones with my direct reports each week fills a much needed void.

Having gotten to know the co-founders of Leadr as I worked as an advisor to Pushpay, I knew they both had great ability to execute at a high level. They brought a thoughtful combination of structure and a “roll up your sleeves” work ethic to the table. As they both moved on in their careers, we vowed that we would work together again, and I am honored to do it as a Member of the Board of Leadr.

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