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Mar 3, 2023 10:51:25 AM

The data tells us that 85% of all 1:1 meetings are remote.

This is of course true with remote and hybrid teams, but I'm seeing this even with In-person teams that have more flexibility in the workplace post-COVID.  

I've been on the road a lot in the past few months visiting Leadr customers. I've compiled 3 tips to share with you that help me stay on top of my 1:1 meetings while I'm away from my desk.

1. Use a shared meeting agenda

2. Add meeting topics immediately as I think of them

3. Create action items for myself and others in the moment

There's no way I could keep up with everything, especially 1:1s with my team, without our Leadr app at my fingertips - literally on my home screen of my phone so I can add agenda items, give feedback, update goals while I'm on the go. 

We just updated the Leadr mobile app with a brand-new mobile app experience so it's better than ever. 👏 Not a Leadr user? Reply to me, and I'll connect you with our team.

And in the meantime, check out our ebook on The 1:1 Meeting: A How To Guide for practical steps to lead better 1:1s with your team no matter where we are.

eBook: effective one-to-one meetings

Until next time,

Lead on.

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