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Oct 20, 2021 2:32:39 PM

Catch our CEO, Matt Tresidder's episode, The Wunderkind CEO, onThe Dream Job Podcast.

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About The Episode

"Wunderkind" is a fun German word for "a person who achieves great success when relatively young." I can't think of a better word to describe our guest today.

Barely into his 30s, Matt Tresidder, is already at the helm of his second fast-growing tech startup. At the age of 26, with zero executive leadership experience, Matt was tapped to be the VP of Sales at Pushpay, a tech company providing donor management software to thousands of churches and nonprofits. He promptly led his team of 100+ sales reps and account managers through four straight quarters of record breaking and unprecedented growth. After taking a six month break to detox from quotas and end-of-quarter scrambles, he jumped right back into the startup vortex as Co-founder and (as of four months ago) CEO of Leadr, a people development platform that has just received $10 million in Series A funding. 

Matt steps back from the hustle this week to share how he's planning to spend that $10 million and to reflect on the half-decade he's spent in high pressure, high growth leadership roles. We talk about wins, regrets, culture drift, imposter syndrome, the endless hamster wheel that is sales, and I get him to share his philosophy on working with friends: "don't suck at your job and we'll get along fine." :) It's a great conversation with a guy who has taken the concept of "learning on the job" to new heights, and who has all the scars, perspective, and leadership chops to show for it. Give it a listen! And then get #backtowork. 

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