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A New Kind Of Summer Playlist

Imagine this: All of your digital onboarding, training materials and compliance content in one place, beautifully organized and easily sent out to each member of your team. If that sounds like something you need, Leadr can help. 

The Leadr Learning Library has always been a great way to store content, and allow your team not only to view it, but to interact with it in a meaningful way. This month that functionality is getting ever better with the introduction of Leadr Playlists. With Leadr Playlists you can streamline and save time by sending, storing and tracking all of your content in one place. 

Whether it’s benefits or onboarding documentation, new policy information, trainings, or learnings, Leadr makes it quick to check off the to-do list.

Here’s how it works:

  • Head to the Learning module in Leadr 
  • Click “Assign Learning” and select “Create a Learning Playlist”
  • Give your playlist a title, description, and, if you have one, a due date
  • You can then add learning content from either
    • A Leadr template of suggested material
    • Your own previously made template or
    • Paste in your own custom links for new resources not yet in Leadr
  • With each piece of content you add to a playlist, you can add questions for your participants to answer
  • Once your playlist is complete, select your participants and send your new masterpiece out into the world.

Now it’s time to put your learnings into action. Create your first Learning Playlists in your Leadr account today.

Here's a snippet of Learning Playlists in action.


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