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Leadr Is Getting A Huge Makeover!

If you logged into your app this week for the first time in a few days, we know what you’re thinking... you’re thinking you logged into the wrong app. But relax, you’ve come to the right place.

Leadr is going through a complete overhaul, top to bottom, and we started with Meetings. Yes it’s easier on the eye, but the changes go more than skin deep.

Meeting Dashboard

  • The new homepage shows you more about your upcoming meetings but dramatically reduces visual clutter.

  • Your upcoming meetings are organized by day, making it easy to see what you need to prepare for.


Meeting Preview & Private Notes

Fewer clicks! Preview a meeting’s agenda faster and with less clicky-clicky.

Also, make your own private notes about a team meeting that stay with the meeting from week to week.


Updated People Cards

Go to the People directory and click on About .... do it! People’s “baseball cards” are now 1000% more beautiful.


What’s next?

Over the winter, we will continue to renovate the meetings experience, adding in some nice features to make your coaching and team meetings more purposeful and effective.

When we are done with meetings, we’re moving on to Goals, Learning, and Feedback. By summer our renovation will be complete and Leadr will be utterly unrecognizable.

Please enjoy, and keep sending us your ideas, encouragement, and feedback at

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