Release Notes / Action Items

Set your goals into action with Leadr Action Items

Goal setting is a powerful skill that directly relates to success, but every grand goal is achieved by conquering dozens of smaller tasks over time. These tasks are critical building blocks that require planning, delegation, and tracking. That’s where Leadr Action Items come in, and t …

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Don’t leave Slack. Lead from it.

Staying on top of meetings and agenda items can be difficult when you’re on the go throughout the week. Leadr has always helped you to organize your meetings and make sure they are efficient and effective, and now with Slack integrations, keeping your meetings in check is even easier. …

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New List Toggle in Tasks

An enhancement has been added to help you view your actions items/tasks in a more flexible way now! In order to provide the capability to view things in both a card and a list, we’ve added a new option to toggle back and forth. It’s the best of both worlds!

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Action Items has gotten a major facelift

We’re very excited to release our latest updates to the Tasks view. Tasks are a great tool to help provide clear action steps as part of a meeting or goal. Now, it’s easier than before to not only see these tasks, but also group and sort them in meaningful ways. Have a look for yourse …

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Accessibility & Action Items Updates

Action Items

Not too long ago, we introduced some new icons in our app, and today we’ve released some updates to some of the buttons as well.

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