Release Notes / Feedback

A New Way To Save Feedback

Print Out Feedback In Leadr

Have you ever gotten feedback that you wanted to print out and keep forever (or until your next meeting)? Well, now you can do just that.

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No Need To Fear! Helpful Feedback Is Here

At Leadr, requesting and providing feedback is a crucial part of our culture. This includes both positive and constructive feedback. We consistently work to combat the stigma that feedback is negative and critical. Feedback should be timely, clear, and aimed at helping the other perso …

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Due Dates for Learning & Feedback are Here!

What did your colleagues ACTUALLY think of that training that you facilitated? What part was the most useful? What would they like to learn more about? Using Feedback, you can ask these questions and now set a due date for when you’d like a response. This is a great way to learn how t …

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General Improvements Across Leadr

This week, we completed work on a few small improvements across the Leadr software, to continue to make the platform easier to use.

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Improvements to Feedback & Learning

Editing learning & feedback templates: With this release, anyone set as an administrator in Leadr will be able to manage and edit templates created across the tool – whether or not you originally created them.

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