Release Notes

Accessibility & Action Items Updates

Action Items

Not too long ago, we introduced some new icons in our app, and today we’ve released some updates to some of the buttons as well.

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More Meeting Flexibility

While we currently support flexible options for scheduling meetings, we’ve heard a need for MORE flexibility; especially when scheduling monthly recurring meetings.

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Time For An Update…

Do you have meetings that are just scheduled for a day, with no specific time?

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Staff Reviews Are Here!

What if your reviews were an integral part of the leadership journey and coaching of your teams? How could you use them if they were viewed as another way to build alignment, instead of simply used as a performance appraisal tool?

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What’s New in Leadr - March 2021

Our icons got a facelift! This isn’t just about looks, though. We are working hard to inject a personal and accessible experience throughout our app. Over the next year we will be rolling out upgrades like this to make your experience more delightful and easy to use!

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