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Introducing People Metrics

People Metrics is a feature new to Leadr; built to give you insight into the way your team is using the platform, and the consistency of leadership coaching efforts across your organization. People Metrics shows you if your employees are being met with regularly by their managers, if they are setting and updating goals, requesting feedback, and overall used Leadr to collaborate with their team.

These focuses are based on what we at Leadr call our Five Foundations: five fundamental practices that research shows are the baseline to the growth of a healthy team. With People Metrics, you will be able to track progress on your organization’s regularity in these rhythms.

These Five Foundations are the idea that every employee;

  1. has 1:1 meetings with their manager, at least bi-weekly,

  2. understands and is recognized for their unique strengths,

  3. has clearly documented goals,

  4. receives frequent feedback from their manager, and

  5. has a personalized growth/development plan.

You can find all of these insights under the People tab in Leadr.

Recall Learning and Feedback

It’s ok to change your mind. Sometimes you assign someone learning or request feedback and later decide against it. Now you can rewind your steps.

Self-assigned learning

We heard a lot of our customers that they wanted to be able to assign learning to themself. We can’t figure out why we didn’t let you do that but we removed the restriction so now you can go crazy and coach yourself too!

Bug fixes & visual improvements:

In addition to feature changes, we also regularly release fixes for various minor bugs and visual improvements to keep the tool running smoothly.

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