Release Notes

Two Improvements to the Meeting Experience

Printing Meetings: As of this update, you’re now able to use the print function on your device to provide a full printout of the agenda and action items from your meeting. This can be helpful for employee documentation or the times when you want to put the screens down.

Multi-line agenda items and notes: While you could previously add multiple lines to agenda items and notes by pressing 'shift-enter', we heard your feedback that using just 'enter' was more familiar. You can now use either one to add additional lines of text. Options are good!

Learning Library Categories

Once you start loading a lot of learning content into Leadr it can become difficult to sift through it. We added 5 categories to the learning library so you can group and organize your learning library. No, you can’t customize these (yet) but they are broadly relevant to aspects of leadership in most organizations.

Bugs Fixed:

In between major releases we also release bug fixes on a weekly basis. This week was no exception. We fixed a bunch of little things here and there …

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