Release Notes

General Improvements Across Leadr

This week, we completed work on a few small improvements across the Leadr software, to continue to make the platform easier to use.

  • Expanding auto-save for feedback: after last week’s addition of an auto-save in the Feedback tool, we made some edits this week to make this smoother.

  • Job title field in profile: After requests from a few teams for extended job titles, for some team members who work in multiple departments, we’ve expanded this field to 100 characters, and added a message to let you know when you’re getting close to that limit.

  • Shift-enter to submit agenda changes: A couple weeks ago, we made a change to switch to ‘enter’ to create new lines in an agenda item or note. Now, we’re taking the next step of allowing ‘shift+enter’ to submit changes to those notes.

Preparing for People Metrics:

In addition to these general improvements, we’re at the finish line for our People Metrics feature, that will give your team top-down views into how Leadr is being used, and which teams are doing a great job of leading one another through the platform.

Expect to hear more on this area over the coming weeks.

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