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Bulk People Importing

Setting up Leadr the first time can be time consuming when you are adding each person in your team one at a time. To make this easier, faster, and less prone to typos and human error we’ve added a smoother experience for Leadr admins.

You probably already have a list of all your team members in some other system, maybe Office or Google Suite, an HR system or a spreadsheet. By exporting that list into a CSV file, you can import the list directly into Leadr in one easy step.

The file can contain the name, email address, job title, department and the person’s manager. So your org chart is mostly built.

Coordinated User Inviting

When rolling out a system like Leadr to your team it’s important to be able to coordinate your communication about Leadr so that people aren’t getting surprises. Communicating changes these days is hard enough with everyone being remote, so the last thing you need is to send someone an invite to a new piece of software before you’ve set some context.

Previously Leadr would send team members an invite as soon as you set them up in the system. There was no way to prepare the system in advance and then send the invites later in coordination with your own internal communication planning.

Now you can! We’ve separated the acts of setting up a person and sending out the invite email. This works in combination with the Bulk Person Importing.

Admins can set Titles and Departments

Until now it was up to each team member to set their own Title and Department in their baseball card. This has resulted in a lot of inconsistencies where perhaps “creative” members of your org decided to give themselves interesting titles; or where “busy” people didn’t get around to setting theirs up at all.

It was causing a lot of frustration for system admins and we heard you loud and clear.

So now admins can set control on these 2 member fields too.

Team meetings now have agenda suggestions

One of the most beloved features of Leadr is the Agenda Suggestions we provide to make it easier to have productive coaching (1:1) meetings. We get it … sometimes your mind is a blank. We love these agenda suggestions too.

Many of you have asked for the same agenda suggestions in team meetings too, and so now you have them …

More Grace to Modify Past Meetings

Sometimes things come up and you miss a meeting. It happens more than we want to admit. Maybe something urgent came up and you had to drop everything. Or perhaps you forgot that a standing team meeting was falling on Labor day and so you forgot to reschedule it ahead of time.

The Leadr platform was kind of unforgiving about that. By the end of the day on which a meeting was scheduled to occur the system would lock that meeting and prevent further changes to it. That rigidity was there to prevent people going back and revising history by changing the agenda or notes on ancient meetings. But it was too rigid.

We’ve made things more flexible.

Now you can edit a past meeting anytime up until the next occurrence of that meeting (for recurring meetings). ie. If you missed your weekly 1:1 with Dave on Sept 7th then you have all the way until Sept 14th to either reschedule it, delete it, or copy the agenda items off it.

For one-time meetings you have up to 14 days after the meeting to make changes.

Bugs Fixed:

In between major releases we also release bug fixes on a weekly basis. This week was no exception. We fixed a bunch of little things here and there …

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