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Sport A Smiley In Your Next 1:1!

Some updates simply put a πŸ˜€on our faces. In a day and age when written communication has become so prevalent, emojis have become an increasingly common way to bring an emotional component to our interactions. These can convey everything from acknowledgement πŸ‘ to questions ❓ , and just about everything in between.

At Leadr, one of our favorite emojis is certainly the 🀣. We feel like it truly helps us to embrace one of our values here which is β€˜we work hard and we have fun’.


Now, you can add emojis into any of the rich text fields within Leadr, from meetings to responses to feedback. Have some fun with your colleagues today and add some emoji flare to your meetings. Is there truly any better way to bring our best selves to work each day than to start with a smile? πŸ™‚

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