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Creating and Managing Group Goals with Leadr

At Leadr we believe that every employee should have clearly documented goals that allow them to measure success. By keeping these goals front and center, you and your team can track progress and realign priorities on a daily basis boosting productivity and clarity. 

Individual goals are critical to employee development. But collaborative goals are just as important! Thats why in Leadr, goals can be created and assigned to anyone within your organization.

Are you a marketer working with a creative to get a large project launched and out the door by a specific date? Create a collaborative goal for both of you to work towards. Leading a W.I.N. (What's Important Now) team and need a way to keep the team on track? A collaborative goal in Leadr keeps the team focused.

Collaborative goals will also show in any 1:1 meeting that team members have together, keeping them front of mind and helping the team to hold each other accountable and stay on track!  

Remember, collaborative group goals:

  • Create Visibility: Shared goals are automatically placed on the top of the one to one meeting agenda to help team members stay focused.

  • Create Accountability: Use the progress bar, action items, and status updates to track and share success towards completing your goals with the team.

  • Create a Feedback Loop: Every project needs a way for people to share what worked and what could have gone better. Easily ask for and offer up feedback on any shared goal using the feedback tool in Leadr.

Want to see how Leadr Goals works for yourself? Schedule a demo with our team. 

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