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How can you measure your team’s employee engagement? Introducing Leadr Insights: The ROI of your people development efforts

Leadr Insights is your one-stop-shop to assess overall team cultural health and employee engagement, in the moment, and also to track it over time. 

Measuring employee engagement is critical to building a team culture that attracts and retains top talent. Research tells us that the strongest teams share three primary characteristics: rapport, maximization, and clarity.

But measuring and understanding how your team measures up across these three areas is harder than it seems. 

Combined with Leadr, the people development software that helps you engage and grow your team, Leadr Insights helps organizations visualize and understand the cultural health of their team so that they can make informed decisions and take practical action to improve the health and productivity of their organization.  

Over time, you'll be able to identify leadership blindspots, fill in leadership gaps, and regularly establish cultural health check-ins so that you can measure the effectiveness of your leadership development efforts over time. 


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