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Put Your Working Genius to Work & Access Exclusive Videos From Patrick Lencioni

As the official Organizational Health Platform in partnership with Patrick Lencioni, we’re excited to announce two new ways you can achieve greater team health using Leadr’s Table Group Experience.

First, keep your team’s Working Genius front-of-mind at all times inside Leadr.

Now, your Working Genius will be mapped in every team meeting for better collaboration, delegation, and execution. 

Here's what you'll see in your team meetings:

To help you understand the tendencies of your team, the “gears” map will darken the gears based on the density of people with that Working Genius inside the team meetings.

Now, you know which strengths are on full display and where you might have gaps as a team.

Head into your meetings armed with helpful insights on the geniuses, competencies, and frustrations at play.

But that’s not all. 

Users of The Table Group Experience also have access to exclusive content from Patrick Lencioni himself in a brand new Curated By Table Group learning experience.

Lencioni Learning Gif

Navigate to the Learnings module to find videos, podcasts, blogs, and other nuggets of thought leadership gold.

Check out this new list of exclusive content and get started building better leadership habits today. If The Table Group Experience is new to you, get the scoop here, in our last release notes, where you can learn more about all the new features.

If you’re not yet a user of The Table Group Experience, connect with your Leadr success manager to gain access to these perks. 

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