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Master Meeting Effectiveness with Leadr Agenda Sections

Say goodbye to meetings full of comments that can’t be turned into Action Items or Reflections and often create a confusing, unorganized meeting experience.

You’ve been asking for a way to better organize your meeting structure, and we're excited to introduce the enhanced capabilities of Agenda Sections. Take your meeting agendas to the next level by grouping agenda topics into sections, and providing a structured and clear framework. Read on for more capabilities:

  1. Group Topics for Better Organization
  • Easily organize your agenda topics into sections to enhance the overall meeting structure.
  1. Recurring Sections for Efficient Management
  • Make entire sections of your agenda recurring, simplifying meeting management, and saving you time.
  1. Drag and Drop for Prioritization
  • Enjoy the flexibility of dragging and dropping entire sections of your agenda for seamless prioritization.


Put it into Practice

1:1 Meetings

To make the most of this update, dive into your 1:1 meetings and add an agenda section for the three essential buckets of people development: care, development, and performance. Witness as your team members contribute their thoughts as Topics, fostering better engagement throughout the meeting and finally having the ability to turn responses and notes into Action Items and Reflections.

Team Meetings

In team meetings, try adding a question or project as an Agenda Section. Team members can create topics under each question that can be turned into action items or reflections with the click of a button. No more lost comments inside your meeting agendas, just a simple, intuitive meeting experience. 

Other agenda sections you could consider adding to team meetings include:

  • Department updates
  • A section for each active goal on your team
  • Meeting framework outlines like Pat Lencioni's The Advantage Weekly Tactical Meeting (shown below)

Try it out in your team meeting today.

And coming soon, agenda sections will also be available in meeting templates and topic suggestions!

Jump into your new and improved meeting experience now

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