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Revolutionizing Reviews: Celebrate Your Wins Without the Manual Hassle

You work hard to track your goals, feedback, and learning in Leadr. When it comes time for your performance review, those accomplishments should be easy to find and include. 

That’s why we’ve made a major revision to Reflections - an easy way to save and find your accomplishments in Leadr and include them in a review. This new feature is available to all Leadr users who have included Reviews in their package.

Here are the highlights:

  • Reflections will be created automatically as you create goals, feedback, learning, and bookmark agenda topics. Goodbye manual work.
  • We’re introducing a new Reflections Dashboard where you can keep track of the items you want as Reflections at any time, with or without an active review. Managers will be able to review reflections for their direct reports from the same dashboard.

Reflections Dashboard

  • All participants in a review, including secondary managers, can now add reflections to their answers to review questions.
  • You can now bookmark any topic on a 1:1, whether you created it or not, to add it to your list of reflections which can be used if it falls within the dates of a review cycle.
  • Goals will be considered a reflection if you are involved with the goal in any way and the goal dates overlap with the review cycle dates.
  • Feedback will be considered a reflection when you request feedback from someone else and they respond within the dates of the review cycle.
  • Learning responses will create a reflection when you complete a learning within the dates of the review cycle

Goals into Reflections

Each of these updates makes it easier for you to recall and celebrate your wins when performance review season comes along, so you don’t have to remember every milestone.

Check out this update in Leadr today.

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