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Boost Productivity and Clarity with Leadr's New and Improved Organizational Goals

Getting your team aligned around their priorities is critical for success. But currently, only around 50% of employees would “strongly agree” they know what’s expected of them at work.

That’s why we completely revised Goals inside of Leadr to make driving clarity even easier. Goals are now categorized, prioritized, and more collaborative. Here are the highlights:

  • An entirely new experience that makes finding goals easier and more powerful. Sort and filter your goals on a number of fields to find just what you’re looking for.


  • Goals can now be categorized as Personal, Team, or Organizational goals. Each type of goal makes it available to a different audience.

  • Collaborators can now do more in goals! Collaborators can now do everything the owner of a goal can do except delete the goal or mark it completed.

  • Want to let your manager or team in on a Goal without assigning it to them? Goals can now have Viewers when all you want to do is give access for someone to view the goal, but not be able to update or change it.

  • Prioritizing goals has never been so satisfying. You can now rank them in order of importance.

  • Easily view the history of your goal status updates and watch the progress as you go.


  • Update the status of your goal and view its current status at a glance.

  • Finally, team goals will now be included in your team meetings, so you can track, review, and update your progress as you meet with your team. 

Team Goals in Team Meeting

Productivity has never been more exciting. Team goals are a game-changer for fostering clarity and alignment within your team.

Get started today.

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