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Cross-Functional Team Management Made Easier

If your organization is like ours, a simple top down or bottom up org chat simply doesn't work. In today’s modern workplace cross-functional teams are commonplace and reporting, at least in part, to one or more managers is normal. 

As great as cross-functional teams are, sometimes the added complexity gets tough. Even the best functioning teams can get their wires crossed and nothing creates frustrations like disagreements on job duties, or a lack of communication between managers. 

That's why Leadr recently added a new feature that allows users to share goals and action items with their team members, leaders and cross departmentally. They can also easily surface these goals in their 1:1 meetings helping to create more transparency at work. 

Additionally, we've expanded reviews so that a secondary manager can be added and teams can add input in a collaborative way. This way each team member gets a  clear and complete review from everyone who helps to lead them.

With Leadr your organization will see benefits from better 1:1 meetings, better goal management, and robust feedback from peers and managers. If you haven't already, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today. 


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