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Don’t leave Slack. Lead from it.

Staying on top of meetings and agenda items can be difficult when you’re on the go throughout the week. Leadr has always helped you to organize your meetings and make sure they are efficient and effective, and now with Slack integrations, keeping your meetings in check is even easier. 

Seamlessly add action items to meetings in Leadr right from the context of the conversation. 

Slack Leadr Integration

Enable and customize meeting reminders in Slack so you can properly prepare for each one with time to spare.

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The best part? Slack integration is available at no cost to all Leadr users. For our existing customers, contact your Customer Success agent for help adding Slack Integration for your Leadr users or follow these steps: 

Step 1 

Install Leadr by clicking the Add to Slack button.



Step 2 

Press the Connect to Leadr button inside the Slack app.



Step 3 

Your Leadr account awaits you in Slack.




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