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Meetings in Leadr are Better Than Ever!

In many organizations, meetings have gotten a bad rap. Let’s face it, meetings aren’t always productive, and often the follow through after a meeting just isn’t there. Leadr is on a mission to help organizations make their meetings more productive so that their teams can thrive and develop!

In our latest product release, we’ve made several key changes to how your meeting interface looks and added additional functionality. 

You’ll notice new meeting actions such as:

  • Leave Meeting - allows you to opt-out of a meeting if you no longer need to attend.
  • Transfer Ownership - allows you to 'promote' someone else as the organizer of a meeting when needed.
  • Restore Meeting - allows you to reinstate a meeting you have previously archived.
Better Meeting Agendas & Action Items

It’s now easier than ever to add agenda items and action items. 

When creating agenda items your work is automatically saved so that only you can see it until you are ready to add it to the meeting, even if you close your browser window, your work won't be lost. Rearrange agenda items with simple, easy to use,  drag-and-drop functionality. 


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You can also easily see what action items from the meeting have already been accomplished, which are still pending, as well as  when the last activity on an agenda item took place. 


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We’d love to show you these new improvements in person. 

If you are a current Leadr customer, you can always reach out to your dedicated customer success manager for a personalized walk-through of our most recent updates and product improvements. Simply email:

Interested in learning more about how Leadr could help at your organization? Let us know by scheduling a demo today!


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