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Introducing Staff Reviews

Have reviews ever felt like just another task on the list at the end of the year? Instead of being an important checkpoint with your team on progress, they become a laborious chore to try and dredge up the accomplishments and challenges of the previous year and retrofit them into rote questions and categories.

At Leadr, we want to recapture the value of reviews as an important part of the ongoing growth of leaders within your organization. When using Goals, 1:1’s, Feedback, and Learning effectively, the review process becomes a seamless way to provide a “checkpoint” to pause for a moment and reflect on both the accomplishments and challenges of the recent quarter.

This ensures that your team is aligned with;

  • Clarity - people understand what is expected of them

  • Feedback - people understand how they are doing

  • Support - people have the tools and support that they need to thrive in their work

Reviews are currently in early access, available to select customers. If you’d like to be considered for early access, please contact the Customer Success team via
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