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Set your goals into action with Leadr Action Items

Goal setting is a powerful skill that directly relates to success, but every grand goal is achieved by conquering dozens of smaller tasks over time. These tasks are critical building blocks that require planning, delegation, and tracking. That’s where Leadr Action Items come in, and this just in…they’ve received a major upgrade!

So what’s New With Action Items?

The first thing you'll notice when you log into Leadr is the makeover we've given action items. We may be biased, but it's pretty sleek. You'll also notice that action items function like a check list, so it's simple to prioritize, organize, and check off as you crush your job day-to-day. Go check it out in Leadr.

But wait, there’s more…on top of Action Items’ remodel, there’s also exciting new functionality, including the ability to:

Create Action Items in Meetings Using Slack

Yes, you heard that right. As your team sends you to do’s over Slack, you no longer have to stop what you’re doing to navigate over to Leadr and manually create an Action Item in your meetings. Now, you can add them to your Leadr meetings without ever leaving your Slack app. Just connect Slack to your Leadr account following these steps:

Step 1 

Install Leadr by clicking the Add to Slack button.




Step 2 

Press the Connect to Leadr button inside the Slack app.



Step 3 

Your Leadr account awaits you in Slack.



Once your account is connected, create an action item in Leadr like this:

Slack Leadr Integration

And Voilà - you’re off to the races.

Set Action Items Statuses

Now, you can track the status of your action items by marking them To Do, In Progress, Blocked, or Completed, so you and your team can better track your successes, identify roadblocks, and maintain your timeline with ease. Utilizing statuses removes the need to over communicate about a project status and allows recovering micromanagers to check in on project progress without having to continuously ask the team. It’s a win, win.

Create Action Items in Bulk

Let’s say there’s a task or project you need every person on your team to complete (like end of month reporting or a training of some kind). Now you can quickly create multiple Action Items and assign them to each person you need to, rather than having to create a brand new listing for each person. Talk about a time saver.

Action Creators Can Now Complete Them

We’ve added the ability for the creator of an action item to also complete it. This helps managers who’ve assigned an action to their downline keep track of what’s done and what’s left to do.

Stay tuned for more updates on Action Items in the coming weeks like the ability to comment on actions and create recurring action items. Because Actions become habits, and habits drive success.

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