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Staff Reviews Are Here!

What if your reviews were an integral part of the leadership journey and coaching of your teams? How could you use them if they were viewed as another way to build alignment, instead of simply used as a performance appraisal tool?

We believe that reviews should be a way to periodically check on progress and validate what is, and isn’t, working well. While this traditionally coincides with a performance review, Leadr allows you to adapt this process to fit your needs.

In addition to supporting the standard questions and responses required with reviews, we’ve also provided the ability to save the specific set of questions as a template to reuse for future review cycles. You can set up quarterly check in reviews with just a few questions, and a more robust annual review with a few more.

For each question, users can also select a reflection from Goals, Feedback, Learning, or a previous 1:1 topic that they have bookmarked. This allows both the manager and the person being reviewed to reflect back on progress that they’ve made throughout the review period.

Reviews can be enabled by contacting our Customer Success team via

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