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What’s New In Leadr? Q1 & Q2 Roundup

In this video, SVP of Growth, Holly Tate, discusses Q2 Product Updates in Leadr with VP of Product & Engineering, Jason Glover, and Director of Customer Success, Garrett Campbell. They talk about what we’re hearing from customers and new product features in Q1 and Q2 that will help our customers engage and grow their team.


Reviews can often take hours for a manager to complete for each employee. And they often feel more subjective than objective. The employee being reviewed can feel blindsided by the feedback they’re receiving during the review.  The bookmark feature allows both the manager and the employee to save a topic of conversation from a one-to-one, a goal, or a learning activity to the review module in Leadr.  This is a great way to memorialize a period of time for a review instead of the manager trying to remember both the successes and the opportunities for growth for all the members of their team. 


Goals and tasks also saw a major update this quarter. We made goals easier to share with others inside your organization and provided a more robust way of those goals contributing to the overall growth and development of each employee. 

Tasks were converted into action items to help make a clear distinction between people development and project management. With Leadr’s mission of developing leaders we wanted to help managers develop and lead their teams better and stop managing them. Now action items can be attributed to goals and the overall development of the employee. Goal and status updates are also more clearly seen by both the employee and the manager to ensure progress is being made. And all can be bookmarked for your next review.


Leadr now sends a weekly update at the end of each week to help you better prepare for the next week ahead. The weekly email is sent directly to your inbox on Fridays around noon with a snapshot of your upcoming meetings, action items, birthdays and anniversaries of your team members. 


Another update we made in Q2 was our brand update. We shook things up a bit in brand land with our updated logo, colors, and the shift from people management to people development. Our brand refresh is motivated by a refresh in the clarity of our calling: People want to be developed and led, not managed. Read more about our brand update here. 


Training videos will become available to our Leadr users later this quarter as we continue to think through ways to better help resource our partners to build better habits to lead and equip their team. You’ll see these additional training videos and resources come through the little blue bubble in Leadr. 


In the latest Leadr updates, you’ll see a more colorful, less cluttered user interface. With a brand refresh and the release of Leadr 2.0, everything will feel more fresh. The recent goals update is a great example of the new look and feel of Leadr. The feedback portion will look a lot more like the updates goals have seen this quarter.  Look out for the new and improved feedback section coming this July with new ways to view feedback from multiple people by grouping the feedback by question and new feedback templates.  

Other refreshes will include a more fun and user friendly app and the individual employee baseball cards will be easier to access with new personality traits and profiles included. 


One of our more exciting and customer requested features to be released is a calendar integration update with Google and Office 365. All of your Leadr meetings will now link with your calendar and vice versa.  When meetings are changed on one platform, they will automatically be updated on the other. And if there is a disparity between the two, Leadr will notify you and ask how you would like to remedy the meeting options. 


A native mobile app will soon be released as a companion to the Leadr web application. This is being designed with the individual contributor in mind. Our goal is for each employee to be able to do most of their Leadr interaction on the mobile app including managing their 1:1 meeting agenda, creating new meetings, seeing what meetings they have coming up. The app will also remind you of any action items you have pending. This is a huge benefit to employees that do not have a company computer because of the nature of their role, whether that be because they are a volunteer, part-time, or on-the-go. 

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