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That’s a Wrap on 2023: Leadr's Year in Review

One of the ways we like to end any season at Leadr is by stopping to smell the roses. Come along with us as we recall our favorite Leadr highlights from 2023. It’s hard to believe we ever lived without some of these incredible features. 👀

  • Let’s give it up for Leadr Recognition🥇

We can’t go without giving a shoutout to the Recognition module in Leadr. How fun has it been to shout out employees going above and beyond?  Did you know we even connected the feature to Slack for a more widespread celebration? 🎉 

Leadr Recognition

  • Leadr + The Table Group 🤝

Oh what fun! We joined forces with The Table Group to provide the official Organizational Health platform called The Table Group Experience. This collaboration helps organizations achieve total alignment, healthy teams, and ultimately better business results. Check it out if you’re not already taking advantage.

Table Group Socials

  • Home sweet LeadrHome 🏡

Welcome home. Launching LeadrHome made monumental strides in putting your people and your to-do list front and center so you can focus on the most important parts of your day. It’s almost hard to remember a time before LeadrHome. 🥹

TGX Homepage

  • Rewind made easier with Reflections 🔄

Remember when you had to manually recall your wins and learnings for performance reviews? Archaic, right? Thankfully, reflections are now created automatically, and there’s even a dashboard to keep it all organized. Talk about a game-changer.


  • Calendar integration you can count on 📆

Let’s admit it - integrating Leadr with your calendar wasn’t always a piece of cake. But thanks to this year’s overhaul of how the sync works, those problems are long gone. Simplicity, achieved.

  • So long, Leadr refresh 🔄 hello real-time meetings 📝

Who else has loved watching team members pop in and out of meetings or waited with anticipation watching live notes going into a meeting? Us too. Real-time meetings have been one giant step for Leadrkind.


  • A moment for the Goals overhaul 🎯

Remember when we overhauled the Goals structure this fall? It’s been so fun creating and checking off goals as a team with the new Goals format. Here are the details if you missed it.


  • SOC2 Compliance = ✅

Safety first, then teamwork. This year, we took security seriously and achieved SOC2 compliance. Data security? Check!

  • Introducing Enterprise SSO 🪄

Enterprise SSO helped users with Azure Active Directory or Okta to manage less login information for a simpler Leadr experience.

Whew! That’s a lot. And there are so many more we could share. Catch up on all of Leadr’s release notes here and be sure to sign up to be among the first to be notified when we have product updates. 

Other Exciting Wins

  • Management is Dead

The people development trend is catching on thanks to Leadr co-founders’ 2023 book, Management is Dead. Order your copy or gift it to someone you know this holiday season to join the leadership revolution. ✊

Management is Dead

  • Shaping the future of workplace culture

Leadr was named #12 on Will Reed’s Top 100, an award spotlighting early-stage companies that are shaping the future of workplace culture. Additionally, Leadr was recognized on the list of 2023 Top Places to Work in Dallas by The Dallas Morning News for the second consecutive year. 🎉


  • Leadr’s G2 Debut

In the Spring of 2023, we celebrated earning our first badges for Performance Management and Employee Engagement on G2. Thank you to all of our customers who enjoy Leadr enough to leave a review. If you haven’t left us a review yet, we’d love the gift of your feedback!G2 badges

That’s a wrap on 2023! Thanks for walking with us down memory lane. If you had fun revisiting our favorite wins from the year, try doing this exercise with your team for a boost of excitement!

As always, we’re here for you. 

Happy Holidays; see you in the new year. 👋

Lead on.

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