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Streamline Survey Management in Leadr

Getting employee insight is critical to making informed decisions for your organization. Leadr is making it easier for you to survey your team with our latest updates. 

Starting today, you can take control of your surveys like never before. Leadr users can now:

1. Recall Surveys: Easily retract surveys from participants who haven't completed them yet. This helps to keep your team focused only on what's most important right now, rather than fighting through the clutter of old, unopened surveys.

2. Close Surveys: Keep your collected data intact while preventing new responses from coming in. This helps ensure feedback is reflective of a specific timeframe, instead of allowing responses weeks or months after it's relevant.

3. Delete Surveys: Say goodbye to unwanted surveys and their results with a single click. Cleaning up your digital workspace feels good, doesn't it? 🗑️

Survey Recall

Whether you're looking to survey your team to gauge how a recent project went or get consensus on your latest team-building experience, you have more flexibility than ever to get the job done.

Test out the recent survey updates in Leadr today.

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